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It's time to take back control of your health

My approach is going back to the roots of health and taking one step at a time. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or feel that it is impossible to be healthy. We will work together to achieve your wellness goals. 

About My Practice

I believe that God gave us the ability to heal. I believe that all physical symptoms have an emotional root cause. I utilize MBSR (Mind Body Spirit Release) to help you find out what emotions are trapped in your body and facilitate its release. I use muscle testing to find what those emotions are and a cold laser, imprinted with stress-reducing frequencies, on specific meridian points to help release those trapped emotions. I also muscle test for what tool will best empower you to further continue the release long after our session is over. 

Read more about MBSR here. 

About Me

I am a stay at home mother to a highly spirited 2 year old. I have a bachelors in Psychology and Communications. I am a certified Mind Body Spirit Release Professional Level Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, and an Integrative Health Practitioner. I am very passionate about holistic health and finding the root cause for our chronic illnesses. I witnessed my father consistently being failed by the western medical system, taking medication after medication, surgery after surgery, falling into a coma for a year, and then finally passing away. There was no answer for his medical issues but was given bandaid after bandaid. I also experienced "common but not normal" symptoms my entire life like bloating, fatigue, allergies, skin issues, etc. I always felt like there was something wrong, but my labs were always "normal" and doctors offered medications and no explanations. After experiencing a traumatic birth and postpartum period where I experienced a new set of health setbacks, and witnessing my daughter also go through health issues, I decided enough was enough. I was not willing to watch another loved one suffer without explanation. I've already been passionate about holistic health, but I took a step further and took charge of my own health and prioritized listening to my intuition and what I believe to be the truth. I began learning about root causes for illnesses, attending workshops, learning from other practitioners, and now believe that we can all heal from most of our illnesses, or at least find ourselves in a more comfortable place. With the right guidance and personalized protocol, I believe you, too, can reach a point of balance and feeling your highest best. 

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